Is ARK Bionic a core mod?

ARK Bionic is not a core mod. By design, noting is rewritten, remapped, or disabled. Every creature and item follows your server setting, thus, ARK Bionic can be loaded last of all your mods. Bear in mind that if you use a non-stackable mod and load it first, it will affect every mod loaded after that, including ARK Bionic. That is out of my control.

I cant learn engrams, place structures, dinos disappeared etc?

You have a bad mod install and/or a corrupt save. Usually caused by hiccups between your server and Steam CMD. That causes your server to believe that the mod is properly installed, but it isn’t. If you suffer from these issues, chances are that it’ll happen with every new update so you have 2 solutions, either get a better, more reliable host, or manually update your mod files through FTP to your server. There’s nothing I can do about this and there’s nothing wrong with ARK Bionic itself.

Where do creature X spawn?

All spawn locations can be found here.

Can ARK Bionic be used with mod/map X?

Basically, yes. It all depends on how the other mod/map is set up. For example, Extinction Core and Pugnacia are both core mods that remaps vanilla items and levels, so loading those before ARK Bionic will cause some minor issues. Never use more than 1 mod if you use a non-stackable mod or a core mod. You will not get any support from me. It may sound harsh but I can’t control other mods, especially when they are un-stackable.

ARK Bionic creatures dont have a saddle slot?

They do not. And that is by design, for 2 reasons, these creatures are hybrids that is controlled from inside them. This will also make the mod a bit more difficult as tamed creatures won’t have all that extra armor.

I’m having overspawns of creatures from ARK Bionic

No ARK Bionic creature natively causes over spawns by themselves. Either the container is broken(most often custom containers), you have changed the spawns manually causing it, or, you are using a mod that is badly set up. You should check your settings first, then report it to the mapmaker and then to us – we might be able to fix it even though it’s not caused by ARK Bionic.

Where do I use the ARK Bionic settings?

In your GameUserSettings.ini, at the bottom of it.

No structures or items?

I want to keep it simple with ARK Bionic. Hence, it’ll not be filled with custom structures or items, only the essentials like banners, Bionic Kibble, etc.

Do ARK Bionic changes player or dino levels?

No. ARK Bionic follows your server settings.

Which load priority does ARK Bionic need?

None, ARK Bionic can be loaded last if you so wish. Everything is designed to not interfere with vanilla files in any way. Everything will work regardless of load priority. Bear in mind that if you use a non-stackable mod and load it first, it will affect every mod loaded after that, including ARK Bionic. That is out of my control.

Will ARK Bionic break my progression?

A bit, yes. You can get ahold of vanilla tech/TEK items earlier than you are supposed to.

ARK Bionic creatures base stats compared to other creatures?

ARK Bionic creatures are around 4-5 times stronger than vanilla. Not really a game-breaker as a strong vanilla creature can take down one from this mod. Not to mention that vanilla Alphas are way stronger. You can increase ARK Bionics creatures stats easily with the built-in StatMod to match with other creature mods, like Eternal, Primal Fear etc. Head over to GameUserSettings.

How do I get in touch?

The easiest and fastest way is to join the Discord and send a message in the appropriate channel.

Which levels are the bosses?

All bosses spawn at your server's max level

Can I donate to get a custom creature?

No . ARK Bionic is discontinued and opensource now.

Where can I find the modlogo?