Bionic Lysrix

General properties

When wild creature have <= 15% health, it’ll go into rage mode, dealing double damage.

Bionic Bosses General properties; Neglect 90% of incoming damage. Will always spawn at the servers max level. Ignores and is ignored by wild creatures unless attacked. Ignores players and tamed creatures unless attacked. Bosses drops Bionic Banners upon death. Only 5 can exist at the same time.
Immune to Ice Bomb, and TEK Missiles.

Stats and attacks

Health 300000
Stamina 4000
Oxygen 1500
Food 40000
Weight 7000
Speed 100%
Torpidity 100000

LMB – Swipe
Regular attack. Base damage 2000.

RMB – Web Cone
Regular attack. Base damage 450 per projectile.

C – Acid Cone
Regular attack. Base damage 1500 per projectile.

X – Glacial Spikes
Regular attack. Base direct damage 300 & 300 explosion damage per projectile.

Ctrl+X – Starfall
Regular attack. Base direct damage 140 & 60 explosion damage per projectile.

Spawn codes

Cheat SpawnDino "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/ARKBionic/Dinos/Boss/Spider/ABossBionicLysrix_Character_BP.ABossBionicLysrix_Character_BP'" 1 1 1 120

Cheat SpawnActorTamed "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/ARKBionic/Dinos/Boss/Spider/ABossBionicLysrix_Character_BP.ABossBionicLysrix_Character_BP'" 1 1 1 120